A Jacket Guaranteed For Life!

  • NanoFi™ Fabric
  • Double Zippers
  • Harness Compatible Pockets
  • 100% Waterproof (NanoFi Membrane)
  • REECO Advanced Rescue System
  • Helmet Compatible Hood
  • Rubber Sealed Zippers
  • Wrist & Overhand Cuffs (Optional)

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A Jacket That Wants To Be In The Alpine

Tested And Proven Above 14,000 Feet


35,000 gr/mm/24hr NanoFi

With a unmatched breathability rating of (35,000g/m2) (2-Layered Jackets 4000g/m2) This jacket allows to get further into the backcountry and allow more flexibility during rigorist alpine ascents


NanoFi Fabric

with a sophisticated membrane that achieves the highest level of waterproofing, breathability, and resistance to condensation. The stretchable membrane takes advantage of the fabric's elasticity, giving it a light and flexible feel. It is the perfect material for sporting activities in harsh conditions, including mountain climbing, outdoor sports, and winter sports.


NanoFi technology

Improves windproofing by weaving them very tightly, so that the gaps between the threads are too small for air to pass through at speed.


100% Guaranteed

We work hard to reach 100% satisfaction, we offer lifetime guarantee because we value our customers at the highest level. Any defects or rips in the garment you can send back and we'll fix it or send a new one. Premium Garments with Premium Service

20 Features On The Apex G1 Alpine Select Jacket

A Jacket That Wants To Be On The Summit


Our Story,

Hello, I am one of the founders at Summit Ridge Co. Ever since we have started back in 2017, we have been on a mission to offer some of the highest quality Garments and Gear any mountaineer could own. Even though its designed for the alpine, when I'm not in the backcountry I get questioned about the jacket all the time. My friends even ask me if they can wear it to try it on the slopes because its that sleek looking. After graduation from UW-Stout it has been my dream to start a company that offers high quality garments specifically designed for the thing I love to do most, which is mountaineering and when we finally had a prototype of this jacket I saw that dream become a reality! I can't wait to share the experience you get when you put on your Apex G1 Alpine Select Jacket.

 In my early days of my mountaineering, I have recognized countless design flaws our different brand name jackets that have actually affected me while in the climbing in the alpine zone. This motivated my team and I to start designing a jacket that was specifically designed for every field of mountaineering. In the beginning stages of development of the Apex G1 3L Jacket we have went through a lot of protypes and fabrics testing them in different environments as well as in house lab testing to go above and beyond the fabrics rated limits. 

 This was to ensure we have proper data on each garment so we can determine what fabrics can withstand high altitude alpine conditions for an extend period of time. Through extensive research and development, I believe we have created one of the best Mountaineering jackets on earth. The fabrics we used has tested throughout the world by our manufacturer in some of the most intense conditions in the world. What we done is made specific changes to the way the nylon is adhered to increase breathability by having more nano pores in the fabric itself giving its name NanoFi (Nano Fiber). We then use the industry leading waterproofing, Gore-Tex Pro membrane designed for high pressure at altitudes to give the outstanding 28,000mm2 waterproofing rating. The Gore Tex Pro membrane is then pressed on the NanoFi fabric along with a tricot liner to give protection to the membrane giving everlasting durability with a sleek, lightweight design.

 Safety was a big factor for us in unfortunate event of an accident on the mountain we have integrated the REECO Advanced Rescue System to have a higher probability to be found during a rescue attempt. With many more features on the jacket, I believe we have created the most advanced mountaineering garment to date that has a Lifetime Guarantee. – DeShawn Gilles, Co-Founder

SLEEK Design

The Apex G1 is made with an athletic design to refrain from bulkiness during an ascent. The jacket fits snug to your body while also giving you room for the Apex G1 Mid-Layer to be underneath for maximum warmth. The Apex G1 Jacket & Mid-Layer is lightweight and packable with a subzero tempeture rating.

REECO System

RECCO technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident or when lost in the outdoors. Wearing gear equipped with RECCO reflectors enables professional rescuers to locate you with RECCO detectors. The technology is a two-part system, the detector sends out a directional radar signal like the beam of a flash light. Once the radar beam hits the RECCO reflector the signal is echoed back and directs the rescuer to your location.

NanoFi Membrane

"NanoFi garments are for serious outdoor professionals and who need the most rugged and durable protection available. Our new membrane is designed to be extremely breathable with superior waterproof protection in a totally windproof product. So you can master even most intense situations."


A fine combination of minimalist and rugged alpine gear to give apparel longevity even when being subject to harsh alpine conditions throughout the lifespan.  Alpine Select ™ uses new technology of low-density fibers in to give the lightweight appeal while placing more durable fibers in high wear and tear areas giving the garments an elegant flow of functionality. The Garments are fully seamed, keeping you dry when the weather doesn’t cooperate. The ultimate goal is for the garment to operate as seamless as possible to keep focus on the goal at hand.

Adjustable Cuffs

We've added adjustable wrist cuffs with reinforce Velcro ensure the best position for the the users. The Nylon hand skirts are added protection to snowy conditions, when a glove is added overtop there is no access point for the the snow to enter.

Harness Compatible Pockets

The hip pockets are rotated at 60 degree angle and moved up higher to give the user functionality of the pockets even with a climbing harness or backpack on. We've also added underarm ventilation to ensure proper regulations of body temperature .


Apex G1 Alpine Select Hard Shell Jacket

We designed this jacket to achieve is increased durability in the outer shell during rigorist use at alpine elevations. Innovations in nylon gives us tightly woven face fabric with a high thread count to give an outstanding 25k mm waterproof rating, our newly designed Nylon will handle moisture  since it can be more hydrophobic if properly adhered. This fabric tends to have better breathability than polyester because of the high performance 3L NanoFi membrane allows moisture to escape through the jacket through nano threads in the fabric what we call NanoFi. This new membrane allows you to stay warmer in colder conditions while giving if you the flexibility to perform.

WHAT IS RECCO®? (Safety First)

"The RECCO® system is a technology which helps rescuers to find victims of avalanche buriers or to search for people which got lost in the outdoors. And it helps the victims to be searchable during such accidents. It consists out of two parts, a detector and a reflector. More than 30 years ago the first RECCO® systems weighted around 16kg, nowadays the detector is a 1kg light and handy device and the reflector was reduced to the size where you cannot even notice that you have it on you."


"This two-part system works on a radar technology signal basis. The two parts are the RECCO® detector and the RECCO® reflector. The more known is the RECCO® reflector, a small piece of material, which can be placed in ski jackets, ski pants, boots, backpacks or helmets, and other protective gear:

  • Weighs less than 4 gHas unlimited lifespan
  • Does not have to be turned on nor charged
  • Does not loose signal strength
  • Does not require maintenance"

- sportconrad.com

Why The Apex G1 Alpine Select

Jacket Is #1

Summit Ridge Co. dialed down on each piece of apparel and focused the functionality on Alpinism, Ski Mountaineering, Snowboarding and Ice Climbing.

These garments are used for extreme adventurers and top tier alpinists that understand the importance of quality gear when on expeditions. Having premium gear is the essence of fluidity, the less interference the more you get accomplished and the more you can Capture Your Experience. Each piece of apparel is a fine combination of minimalist and rugged alpine gear to give apparel longevity even when being subject to harsh alpine conditions throughout the lifespan.

  Alpine Select uses new technology of low-density fibers in to give the lightweight appeal while placing more durable fibers in high wear and tear areas giving the garments an elegant flow of functionality!

Alpine Skiing


Ice Climbing

Info For The Analyst (3L vs. 2L)

Why the Apex G1 3L Jacket Is Better Than 2L Jackets

Three Layer Jackets are revolutionizing the mountaineering jacket industry with its lightweight sleek design and the demand to perform in the high-altitude pressures under some the harshest weather on earth. There are many reasons why a 3L jacket is better for mountainous activities and one is that enable to press fabrics together we have use some of the most advances fabrics and laminates on the market making the Apex G1, one of the most technical pieces of outerwear to date. Construction of the Apex is not an easy process, we use NanoFi membrane combined with the tricot liner which is a hydrophilic layer that allows perspiration to escape the jacket to nano holes in the fabric which we call NanoFi Fibric. Whereas a 2L jacket has the laminate on the back of the face fabric combined with insulation and then another thin fabric to hold everything in place. They can be comfortable, but perspiration can get caught in the laminate causing you to overheat a sweat.

Breathability &Waterproofing

Breathability is a big factor when your Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding, it actually can be the factor of you making it home safe. The Apex G1 allows you properly regulate your body temperature because of the fabric and also the ventilation system built in the jacket. This brings breathability ratings to industry leading metrics allowing the user to remain comfortable even during difficult climbing.

Waterproofing is another challenge to the garment process and that challenge is solved by using NanoFi Fabric and membrane waterproofing. It uses a thin membrane that has over 10 billion pores per square inch. Each individual pore is around 700 times larger than the size of water vapor on a molecular level this is what allows the perspiration to escape. The membrane is about 20,000 smaller than a water droplet itself which keeps external water from seeping through the pores themselves making this is the most advanced technology you can get in a jacket. 


Another advantage is that the 3L is a lot more durable a 2L Jacket due to the tricot liner that adds support the NanoFi membrane along with significant amount of protection allowing more wear and tear on the garment. 2 Layered Jackets are made with a lining in-between the face fabric and the hanger lining that can add weight and bulkiness which causes more stress on the laminate which is then likely to wearer off the DWR protectant. Unlike 3L wear there is no lining allowing the garment to be lightweight and easily packable for alpine minimalists. 

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Providing peace of mind

The Apex G1 is a hard-shell but under certain situation can act as the only jacket you will need because of innovations in fabric technology allowing the thermal integrity to remain intact while increasing breathability.


Designed By Mountaineers. For Mountaineers.


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Made For The Elite

Alpine Selectis designed for those that want to push the edges of exploration and need lightweight premium gear to keep the focused and comfortable on long expeditions.

The Summit Ridge Co. Team

Join The The SRC TEAM.

"We created Summit Ridge Co. to influence individuals through motion picture to explore the earth for themselves and make the necessary gear to do so ”

DeShawn Gilles. Eau Claire, WI

"Being a Co-Founder and climber for the Summit Ridge Co. Team is more than just a job, its a passion. That passion directly influences the garments we make”

Andrew Rene. Eau Claire, WI 

"One thing we strive for at Summit Ridge Co. is not only offer premium gear but to offer a premium experience"

Cody Fedie. Eau Claire, WI

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